Left And Right Politics

…plus the cream in the center.

We’ve heard a lot of work that Congress has been doing in the last two weeks, but what is are they doing? Not much from what I can tell. The current Congress has enacted less legislation than any other within the last ten years.

It’s amazing that they say that they are here for the American people, but yet what have they done for us lately? Well it seems that that the 110th Congress has only passed 260 laws and out of those, 74 were to rename post offices. They did pass hundreds of resolutions. What type of resolutions have they passed? One was to make June 30th the recognized day for “National Corvette Day”. This was introduced by Rep. John Shimkus (R), he said “We need to do something. These resolutions make it look like we’re working.” Is this what we pay them for?
Two other resolutions that they’ve passed, one was to recognized soil as an “essential resource” and another to congratulate the UC-Irvine volleyball team.

Rep. Shimkus states blames the Democrats for not introducing more substantial legislation. While the Republicans are blamed for blocking key votes. There have been a record of filabuster-ing going on than ever before. The American people are not even aware that this crap goes on. Once these politicians get into office, the people who put them there don’t even pay attention. It’s our own fault that this goes on. There is no oversight to Congress and our tax dollars are being spent on these clowns wasting time while this country falls apart.

Remember this when you go to vote next month. Any one that is in office now needs to be replaced. The only way this is going to change is if we tell them so with our votes. Let’s give some new clowns a chance and see if they can do any better, it seems that they can’t do any worse.

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