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President Obama Is Not A Leader

Posted by Billy On August - 8 - 2011

That’s right, President Obama is the furthest thing from being a leader. He has shown the American people that he is not leading us out of this recession as he’s been telling us for the last two years when his administration made claims of the recession ending June 2009. To make matters worse, Obama is even down-playing the whole entire Standard and Poors downgrade.

Last Friday, August 5, 2011, Standard and Poors downgraded the United States credit rating to a “AA+” with a negative outlook. The reason for the outlook assumption is the fact that Washington along with Obama have lead this country into a complete and total spending frenzy and when it came time to handle the debt ceiling issue, Congress and the president acted like a bunch of school kids fighting over issues that really didn’t do anything for the deficit. This wording by politicians for planning “cuts” is a joke. In essence what they want to do is to cut spending on future projects, which is fiscally wrong since it does nothing for the spending that is already going on.

Obama finally gave a press speech today (two days after the S&P report), in regards to the downgrade by S&P. His entire speech was nothing but another campaign style speech where he was vague and not direct with a response to the situation. He first wants to make a foolish comment about Warren Buffet and how America will always be a “AAA” rated country. His approach to the issue seems to be more relaxed and carefree to what needs to be done. He didn’t mention anything about his failed policies or the fact that his plans have been nothing but a way to spend tax payer’s money.

Standard and Poors stated it clearly that if the United States doesn’t get a grip on the spending habits and reduce the deficit by a considerable amount, they see themselves (S&P) downgrading the U.S. again within the next two years.
So what does Obama say in his first speech since the downgrade? He talks about future cuts and tax reform and Medicare reform. His comment alone about raising taxes on those who should “pay their fair share”, shows this man has no clue on how to run a lemonade stand, let alone the leading country in the free world. His next comment spoke about reducing taxes for “those that need it” to help stimulate the economy. Real economic stimulation comes from the free market and job growth. Without it, we will slowing diminish into a second rate country.

This country will never get back it’s AAA rating as long as we have politicians in Washington that clearly don’t know how to make a business run efficiently and profitably. As it is, Obama was asked to remove Timothy Geithner as the Secretary of the Treasury and instead, Obama begged Geithner to stay on his administration. How can you be so blind to see that the Treasury Secretary doesn’t have a clue as to what’s happening. He used to be on the board of the New York Federal Reserve and supposedly knows all about ratings and how Wall Street works. In April, Geithner stated that a downgrade is not in America’s future and that the country will retain it’s AAA rating from all three rating agencies. So where is the man’s knowledge and talent when this country needs the right man in the Treasury? Obama doesn’t know what to do, Geithner doesn’t know what to do and the people that Obama has put in his administration don’t have a clue either. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that this is the objective of president Obama to destroy the United States as this world has known it and transform it into something of his own choice. Oh wait, isn’t that what he said he was going to do when he was on the campaign trail? Then again, from listening to his speeches, I don’t think he ever got off the campaign trail in the first place.

The Eradication Of Individual Rights

Posted by Joanne On January - 29 - 2010

Written by John Balker:

The rights of individuals have been put in the back burner in today’s political world. For example, to prevent terrorism, the government has imposed security measures and enforced racial profiling on individuals. I have traveled on many domestic and international flights in the past few years and have been subject to such security measures.

In fact, I was awaiting the arrival of a family member from a Northwest flight coming in from Amsterdam (a couple days after Christmas) when the irrational restrictions on individual freedoms became ever so obvious. A Nigerian man who felt sick in the plane and used the restroom multiple times was detained because a few days earlier another Nigerian mad tried to set off an explosive on the same flight heading into Detroit. The poor man just felt ill, and the government poured in Department of Homeland Security employees, sniffing dogs, police and ambulances. What a waste of resources and a horrible inconvenience! I waited at the airport for nearly five hours. I would expect the government to be able to handle security threat in ways that do not impose so severely on individual freedoms in this day and age.

In today’s political atmosphere, issues besides terrorism, including government bailouts and universal health care, are also infringing upon the rights of individuals. The U.S. government has swept into the everyday lives of Americans in a big way. Americans facing foreclosure are being offered government assistance and extra money for energy efficient utilities. Instead of encouraging an independent populous, the government at federal, state and local levels, is encouraging dependency.

Government bailout of the auto companies in Detroit is an example of exactly this. Now, Detroiters are turning to the government for more money to improve railways to Chicago and increase jobs. The government should promote the rights and abilities of individuals to improve their lives and those of their community. Universal health care is another bill being pushed by today’s Democrats to involve government to control an essential part of people’s existence i.e. their health care needs.

An individual deserves the right to decide their own health care plans. A competitive, privatized health care industry with few governmental regulations is the way to go. When it comes to government involvement, less is always better. Unfortunately, individuals freedoms are slowly disappearing and the United States is becoming more like Communist China by the day.

Made In The USA

Posted by Billy On September - 28 - 2009

The title is something that is becoming a thing of the past. When this country was growing from the years of 1776 to 1976, America was a country that produced and manufactured items that the world wanted and needed, but for the last thirty years or so it’s been changing.

With all the laws and regulations that the federal government has been imposing on American companies, those businesses are looking to cut cost in way that are hurting the American people.

Let’s look at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the city that was the capitol of the steel industry. In the last thirty years the government has been making it harder for the steel industry to stay in the United States, let alone Pittsburgh.

Yes I agree that to make steel, there is pollution on several different levels, water air and land pollution is a serious matter, but at what cost is these issues important?

Pittsburgh is no longer the biggest city that produces steel. Most of manufacturers have move to other countries to avoid tough regulations. So now we have thousands of people who are affected by the industry and are unemployed. The government has changed the landscape of the city.

Let’s look at it this way. We have a person who was working to provide for his family, the government steps in and tell the companies that there will be unions and there will be price fixing. Next, strict laws are passed for the pollution situation in Pittsburgh, causing the company to have higher costs related to the product. The company can no longer be profitable at this level, so they decide to have some of their products made in another country. Now the worker is laid off and is needed to be supported by the same government that cost him/her their job. But are they really being supported by the government? I say NO. It’s the rest of the American Taxpayer that is supporting those Americans because of the federal government.

I try very hard to purchase things that are made in the USA, but it getting tougher every day. The steel industry isn’t the only industry that this scenario has happened to. It will also continue until the American people stop voting for the same old type of politician. It wasn’t the Democrats or the Republicans that did this individually, it has been both of them and until we see them for what they are, it will continue.