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Libertarian News Shows And Websites

Posted by Billy On July - 16 - 2011

When it comes to political programs and news outlets, there seems to be only two sides of the political spectrum that most people listen to, Conservative or Liberal/progressive. In my opinion, each of them are there just to promote “their” agenda. When in fact these news programs should be there for the people, not the politician. That is why I listen to a wide range of programs and news outlets. either Left or right they do offer some good information, but you are still left to weed through the “spin of the news to really know what’s going on. Listening to each side I hear both sides of the issue and from that, I’m able to get a good idea of what the “truth” is.

I also get much of my information from the internet (like so many others are doing now). The reason for that is because of all the party promoting that is going on elsewhere. Here is a list of the third side of the story. Like “they” say… there are three sides to a story, his, her’s and the truth. I found out over the years that Libertarian website, news program and talk radio shows are there for the people. We have the responsibility to find out what is going on without all the hoopla and these outlets are one way to get it.

The first one is a radio show. Neal Boortz is a Libertarian and talks about the issues that affect us the most. Yes, he is very opinionated, but that’s OK with me since I am too. His show is on throughout the country at different times, five days a week. Even with his opinions, I’m able to get the truth of the issue and a great look to how things can be done to improve this country.

Next is John Stossel, another Libertarian who many remember from his days on 20/20 with his segment of “Give Me A Break”. He is now on FOX Business News, which is a conservative/Republican minded network, but his views are his own. He has said that FOX does allow him to be open with his affiliation with the Libertarian party and he has no problem saying it.

Just because I listed The Cato Institute third does not mean that it isn’t the most important site to keep in tuned with. The Cato Institute is the leader of the news and information for the free market and the Libertarian views. It’s website offers so much that it hard to list it all in just one paragraph. See for yourself and find out what other outlets don’t tell you.

A great Libertarian website/radio show is the 1787 Network. 1787 Network was founded by Alexander Snitker, Libertarian Senate candidate for Florida 2010 and Adrian Wyllie, Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Florida. These guys are not only patriots, but they also served in protecting our freedom. Their weekly radio show airs on Friday at 9am-11am where they talk about the major issues that affect our liberties and freedom.

There are so many others that I will share with you in future posts, but these are the ones I recommend to start with if you’re looking for a different prospective on today’s issues.

5 Blogs/Websites For Political Awareness

Posted by Billy On June - 21 - 2011

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I avoid the main stream media to get my political information. The reason is simple, media outlets like CNN, FOX, MSNBC and all the local channels are told by the government what they can or can not air on their shows. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not being told straight to their faces, it’s being implied. So with that being known, how can anyone trust the information that they offer to us each and every day?

Here is a list of 5 blogs or websites that I refer to to get the information I need to stay aware of Washington’s actions.

1. The Neal Boortz Show
I’m a Libertarian so how could I not have Neal Boortz on the list? His syndicated show is heard on over 200 stations nationwide. Neal tells it like it is. He never tries to “sugar coat” the news to help or hurt any political party (including the Libertarian party).

2. The Jerry Doyle Show
Jerry Doyle, an actor turned politician turned radio host. I’ve been listening to him for years and love the way he tells a story. He has no problem pointing out mistakes of any politician. His guest are outstanding with great information you won’t hear on any other radio or TV station.

3). Memeorandum
Memeorandum is a political website directory. The site pulls articles from all over the internet that deal with politics. It doesn’t matter on which side of the aisle the news is from, it’s just the news that being released currently from other reputative websites and blogs.

4). No Quarter
No quarter is a left-leaning blog operated by Larry Johnson. His information is good, his writing style a well done and why not throw a democrat into the list? If you really want to stay informed, you have to listen to both sides and the cream in the middle.

5). The People’s Cube
If you’re going to stay on top of all the political news, you need to have a release value or you’ll find yourself on a roof top with a rifle. The people’s cube is a political satire website that pokes fun at the most recent news going on at the time. Whoever writes for this website definitely has a slightly twisted mind, which is perfectly fine with me.

So if you’re going to avoid the main stream media like I do, you still need to stay informed of current events around Washington. Just make sure you find sites that have some authority to them. There are new websites and blogs popping up everyday and if you’re not careful you may fall for some hack site spreading lies and untruths.
Out of these sites that I’ve listed here, none of them are listed with Google with anything lower than a page rank of “5”. Pages are ranked by Google on a scale of one to ten. Most pages I look at that are posted on Facebook are either not ranked at all or a page rank of “1”. I don’t take information from low-ranking (-3) sites very seriously and so should you.

The Democrats And Republicans Have Done Enough Damage

Posted by Billy On August - 3 - 2009

All over the political websites, news broadcast and talk radio stations, you hear about how the Democrats and the Republicans are not doing right by the American people. It’s gotten to the point where the politicians in Washington are only looking out for the people that helped finance their way into the position they hold.

There are a lot of third parties in this country, but none really have the ability to rise up politically and make a difference like the Libertarian party. It is the only political organization which respects you as a unique and competent individual.

The creation of this country was based on the ideas that are more in line with the Libertarian way than any other party. It’s approach is more of a logical consistent one toward politics based on a moral principle of self ownership. We believe in a smaller government. The government’s role in our lives should be to defend our freedom from force or fraud. Free expression of speech, religion (or lack of), the right to control one self’s body, action and property.

A free-market economy, with the abundance and prosperity it can bring is what the Libertarian party wants for this country just as our fore fathers wanted over two hundred years ago. Civil liberties and personal freedom that has puts this country above all others; and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade as prescribed by America’s founders.

It’s time to start looking at the third largest political party in this country. Soon to be the party of choice above all the others out there. There is no other party that will care about your freedoms and the rewards of your hard work than the Libertarian party.

For more information about the Libertarian party, check out their official website at