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Obama “Pass The Bill” Speech -Sept 8, 2011

Posted by Billy On September - 9 - 2011

Last night president Obama made his speech to the congressional audience. All I can really say about his speech is that it was nothing we haven’t heard already many times over. Once again it lacked the “how exactly is it going to get done” information. Asking Congress to pass a bill that will have the federal government spend nearly $500 billion.

On the last day of session last month, Congress passed raising the debt ceiling by $1.2 Trillion. Five weeks later Obama is now telling them to pass a bill that is one third the cost of the entire increase. When is this going to stop? It won’t as long as Obama is in office. More than ever we need to remove him next year.

As Obama started to talk about the latest bill, The American Jobs Act, he was trying to inspire the crowd. “These men and women grew up with faith in America that hard work and responsibility paid off.”, Obama stated. Unfortunately nearly 50% of Americans don’t feel that way any longer. Forty years of entitlement programs has changed that mentality. He continued, “Our economy will be driven not by Washington, but by our businesses and our workers… but we can help. We can make a difference.”

I can see from the last twenty years how well the free market works when Washington helps. With help like that, please don’t help. According to what Obama said, construction jobs for bridges, roads as well as public schools were pretty much all the ones that would be created from this bill. The last time I checked, construction jobs only count for roughly 20% of the entire work force in this country.
I’m not sure if anyone notice that when Obama was talking about the different jobs and for who it “will” help, the president of the union board, ??? was being shown on the screen. So that pretty much gives me an idea on the kinds of jobs that this bill will help. The union jobs will be the ones to benefit and of course the unions themselves.

With this bill he said that it will help “rebuild America”. Repair decaying roads and bridges. What I would like to know is, isn’t that what he said about the $800 billion stimulus bill? We been rebuilding America’s roads for the last fifty years according to out past presidents and Congress members. When are we going to be finished? He mentioned a bridge that connects Kentucky and Ohio, which is a major trucking route, is in such dispair, it must be done. Why wasn’t it done two years ago with the stimulus bill?

The line that gave me a good chuckles was, “…everything in this bill will be paid for.” Really? How about this, get the money together before starting any projects and pay for it first. Then I’ll believe that everything in the bill is paid for. After all, the word “paid” means that some gave the money for the service/product.

So When Do The Jobs Start?

Posted by Billy On August - 3 - 2011

After thirty months in office, president Obama is saying that he is focused on creating jobs in America. The odd thing about that is the fact that he’s been saying that since he was on the campaign trail. So what’s different now than three years ago?

The whole idea (according to Obama) of getting the debt ceiling raised was to stop the country from defaulting on it’s loans as well as creating more jobs in this country. I find that hard to believe since one of the first things he did when he was sworn into office was to get an almost $1 trillion stimulus bill passed to do the same thing. Yes I know he tells us that the stimulus bill created or saved two million jobs. Analysts have looked into the facts of jobs created from the stimulus and it’s way lower than what the Obama administration has been reporting.

As you can see the stimulus and anything else that the administration is doing hasn’t created any jobs or even turn this economy around. It’s been reported that economic growth in America for the first half of the year (2011) is a staggering less than 1%. So how is giving the federal government any more money going to help?

The federal Reserve is now thinking of what they can do to stimulate the economy and get the country back on it’s feet. All I have to say about that is they are part of the reason why we’re in this mess. Manipulating the currency and controlling inflation artificially for the last hundred years hasn’t helped, so where should we think they’ll do anything now in the best interest of America. Chairman Ben Bernanke has touch base on starting a third round of bond purchases. The federal Reserve can also cut the interest rate for banks that hold excessive reserves as well as pledging to hold its assets at a record high and interest rates at record lows for a longer period, Bernanke stated.

As a nation, the only way we can create jobs and to get the economy moving again is to stop Washington from continuing has they have for many years. We need to cut back on government spending. When I say cut spending, I don’t mean cut Social Security or Medicare. Those programs are not the main problem. Yes they both have issues within the systems but reform is much different than cutting. Politicians are too concerned for their contributors as well as their own political careers. Doing the right thing in Washington would be political suicide. So if we want to save this country, we must remove each and every one of the politicians within the Beltway. Of course it will take years to do so since not all of them are up for re-election in 2012. If they’ve been in office for two terms, it’s time for them to move out of the way and let someone else try something else, or at least improve some of the current policies. Once we get Congress and the president to stop their excessive spending and let the markets correct themselves, we will continue to be in the same position.

Some Links Of Interest

Posted by Joanne On September - 15 - 2009

I come across good, and not so good, sites in my daily internet travels and I wanted to share some of the ones I’ve enjoyed. Hopefully you’ll find a few you enjoy as well.

The Liberator is a free newsletter from the Libertarian site, Advocates for Self-Government. The latest issue has an article on health care being called a ‘right”.

The right questions to ask about medical care and medical insurance:

* Which laws, regulations, or government mandates drive up the costs of medical care, medicine, and medical insurance?

* Which of these laws, regulations, and government mandates can your state legislature and governor repeal? Which need to be repealed by the U.S. Senate, the House, and the president?

* Which government-granted privileges and special protections has government enacted for the benefit of pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, doctors, nurses, lawyers, or insurance companies that make medical care more expensive?

* Which of these privileges and special protections can your state legislature and governor repeal? Which need to be repealed by the U.S. Senate, the House, and the president?

100 Stimulus Projects Guaranteed To Make Your Blood Boil, is from June but I wanted to share it with you. The article comes from American Thinker and is just a fraction of what our tax dollars are paying for.

A California skate park will get a $620,000 “facelift.” Plans to refurbish the skate park in Long Beach, California, had stalled for months as local funds put towards higher priority park projects. With $620,000 in federal stimulus funding available to upgrade the skate park, the city council decided to move forward.

$800,000 for a backup runway for the now famous airport to nowhere, also known as the John Murtha airport in Johnstown. This is critical, because if they were to lose their current runway, all three flights a day and 20 daily passengers might have to find an alternative airport.

Last, but not least is Free Talk Live, a pro-liberty radio show that you can listen to on their website.

Universal Health Care Hasn’t Worked Before

Posted by Billy On August - 24 - 2009

All the talk about universal health care has caused a major ripple in the political sphere. With 46 million people uninsured, the government is trying to have us believe that it’s necessary for health care reform. The question is though…will it really work?

Let’s take a look at the state of Maine. A state that had 128,000 citizens that were uninsured in 2003. At the time, Governor John Baldacci (D) signed into law a state-wide health care plan to combat the situation. By the time 2009 arrived, it would cover all of Maine’s citizens. The system would help keep control of hospitals and physicians to hold down insurance premiums. It was sold as a way to provide everyone insurance as well as save business and patients money. To top it off, it was stated that there would be no increase in taxes.

Well after five years of the program, not only has the program not save any money, but it has also cost the taxpayers of Maine $155 million and is still rising. Here’s how the program was supposed to work. There were to be two government programs that would cover the uninsured. The legislature greatly expanded MaineCare, the state’s Medicaid program. Today Maine families with incomes of up to $44,000 a year are eligible; 22% of the population is now in Medicaid, roughly twice the national average.

Then the state created a “public option” (where have you heard that lately?) known as DirigoChoice. The plan would compete with private plans such as Blue Cross. To get lower income Mainers to enroll, it offered taxpayer-subsidized premiums. (again, this sounds familiar) The plan’s original funding source was $50 million of federal stimulus money the state got in 2003. Over the years, the plan was to be “funded by the savings in the health-care system.”

During the peak of the program in 2006, only about 15,000 people had enrolled in the DirigoChoice program. That number has now dropped to below 10,000, according to Maine’s own reporting. About two-thirds of those who enrolled already had insurance, which they dropped in favor of the subsidized public option. So instead of the 128,000 that were uninsured, the actual number is only 3,400.

Most of what is in Maine’s health care program is actually in the Obama-care bill. So why bother with trying to have a national health care program when they can’t even get it to work on a small scale? If Obama and his friends are so into this bill, then may I suggest that we do a test on the actual program on the state level. Sort of like a “try it before you buy it” program. Try it in California for five years and let’s see how successful it is at that point. If it can survive without a constant need of federal stimulus money, then I say we go ahead with it on a national level.

I know it will never work. One because that it has already been tried in Maine as well as Massachusetts and Tennessee and each time it failed. Currently in Maine, a healthy single male at the age of thirty, pays a monthly premium of $762 while a citizen in the same condition in New Hampshire only pays $222.

This bill (HR3200) needs to be stopped and the discussion of health care reform needs to be re-focused to look at tort reform. A major part of health care costs come from malpractice insurance that the doctors need to have to protect themselves from from major law-suits. The lawyers have pushed the price of health care up from the class-action suits to individual cases. As for class-action suits, no one benefits from this type of practice other than the lawyers. Lawyers will pocket millions of dollars while the people who are affected by the situation only get a few dollars each as compensation.

Will Universal Health Care really work here in America? The answer is no. If you don’t believe it, then you need to go look for the information like I did.