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Citizen Big Brother

Posted by Joanne On August - 6 - 2009

From PUMA:

Stand up to the White House’s menacingly misguided attempt to monitor the free speech of American citizens.

From ABC’s The Note:

“Yesterday, White House director of new media Macon Phillips wrote a blog post urging readers to flag questionable claims about health care proposals.”

As Republican Senator John Cornyn wrote in an email to the president urging him to end the Big Brother program,

“By requesting that citizens send “fishy” emails to the White House, it is inevitable that the names, email addresses, IP addresses, and private speech of U.S. citizens will be reported to the White House. You should not be surprised that these actions taken by your White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program. As Congress debates health care reform and other critical policy matters, citizen engagement must not be chilled by fear of government monitoring the exercise of free speech rights.”

Read more here:

This program is menacing and wrong, and it calls for action. Please send an email to the White House instructing them to brush up on their Constitution.

1. Send an email to Macon Phillips, aka Minister of Information, at

2. Copy these emails into the BCC of your email:,,,,,,,,,,

3. Encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to send an email.

Use this email, or edit it as you see fit.If you are not a PUMA member, please delete that line. Be sure to include the text of the First Amendment in your email. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Dear White House Minister of Information,

I am writing as a very concerned American citizen. I am also a member of Puma PAC, People United Means Action ( After reading about your program encouraging Americans to report instances of “fishy” speech by their sister and fellow Americans, we realized you had perhaps forgotten to read this before you got to the White House:

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Please brush up on the United States Constitution. It’s a rather important document, and it is especially crucial that people in your line of work are familiar with it.

Your Name and State
Puma PAC Member

Clinton Supporters Voting For McCain

Posted by Joanne On November - 1 - 2008

Just Say No Deal Presents Closing Arguments in Nationwide Conference Call

Hillary Supporters, PUMAs & Fence Straddlers,
You’re Invited To Join:

Just Say No Deal’s
Closing Argument Conference Call
Sunday, November 2, 5:00 PM ET

The Just Say No Deal coalition, a group of Senator Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters, will be holding its final conference call of this election season on Sunday, November 2, 2008 from 5:00 to 6:30PM EST.

Guests include:
Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida
Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City
Larry Johnson, PhD.
Lynette Long, PhD.
Lady Lynn de Rothschild
Will Bower, National Spokesperson, PUMA & Just Say No Deal

Listen Online @ BlogTalkRadio hosted by NoQuarterUSA:
Or Dial: (218) 486-1662
Access Code: 82114#

The Just Say No Deal coalition, a group of Senator Hillary Clinton‘s most ardent supporters, is hosting its Closing Argument Nationwide Conference Call, Sunday, November 2, 5PM et. High-profile Democrats including Lady Lynn De Rothschild and Dr. Lynette Long join Moderate Republicans Charlie Crist and Rudy Guiliani in a plea to Hillary Supporters, PUMAs and Undecided Voters during this 1 hour 30 minute call, which will also be streamed live over the internet.

Since its inception on the weekend of Hillary Clinton’s suspension speech, Just Say No Deal put Country Before Party by vocalizing opposition to thuggery, sexism, voter disenfranchisement, caucus fraud and corruption within the Democratic Party, in mainstream media and in the blogosphere.

The distinguished guests will specifically make their case to former Hillary Clinton supporters, who are still on the fence, as to why they should cast their votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin on Tuesday, November 4th. The panel will cover a host of topics based on questions posed by Just Say No Deal members via email.

Thank you,

Hillary Advisor And Delegate Back McCain

Posted by Joanne On October - 31 - 2008

Here is a partial transcript of a conference call held with Miguel D. Lausell, Senior Political Advisor to Hillary Clinton, and Clinton Delegate-at- Large Luchy Secaira (Florida), bot of whom are endorsing John McCain for president.

Luchy Secaira: “I was a very strong Hillary Clinton supporter because she had a set of principles, characteristics, and her stand on the issues along with a track record of fighting on behalf of families. That was very attractive to me.

“Well, we now know that the primaries are over. However, those qualities are not transferable. I do not believe that Senator Obama shares in those qualities. Therefore, my support and my vote is also non-transferable.

“I am supporting John McCain and Governor Palin because John McCain has spent his whole life standing up for his country. He has a record of fairness, compassion, responsibility, and giving back.

“Governor Palin is a woman of compassion and accomplishment in the mold of Senator Clinton. So I have chosen to put my country before my party and this is the ticket to support.

“They both care deeply about working families. They are reformers. They will go to Washington and they will remember who sent them there. So country before party, and that is why I’m supporting John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. …

“And you know the Hispanic community knows John McCain. They know him. They know that he has a record. They know that has gone up against his own party on behalf of the Hispanic community.”

Miguel D. Lausell: “I decided, after searching my conscience, to back Senator McCain for many reasons. He is a man of great experience. He’s a sound man. He’s a man that you know what you’re getting when you vote for him.

“And the country is in very difficult situation and needs a man that can decide on difficult matters and has the experience and the soundness to help the struggle to get through these bad times.

“I cannot say the same about Senator Obama. We don’t know what we’re getting when we vote for him. He doesn’t really have the experience.”

Hillary Supporters Warn About Obama Voter Fraud

Posted by Joanne On October - 31 - 2008

From Newsmax:

With accusations of voter registration fraud swirling as early voting begins in many states, some Hillary Clinton supporters are saying: ?I told you so.?

Already in Iowa, the Obama campaign was breaking the rules, busing in supporters from neighboring states to vote illegally in the first contest in the primaries and physically intimidating Hillary supporters, they say.

Obama’s surprisingly strong win in Iowa, which defied all the polls, propelled his upstart candidacy to front-runner status. But Lynette Long, a Hillary supporter from Bethesda, Md., who has a long and respected academic career, believes Obama’s victory in Iowa and in 12 other caucus states was no miracle. It was fraud, she told Newsmax.

Long has spent several months studying the caucus and primary results.

In Texas, for example, more than 2,000 Clinton and Edwards supporters filed complaints with the state Democratic Party because of the massive fraud. The party acknowledged that the Obama campaign’s actions amount to criminal violations and ordered them to be reported to state and federal law enforcement, but nothing happened.

Read the rest at the link above.