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Government Is Spending Our Money On The Government

Posted by Billy On July - 18 - 2011

On Thursday, GE, General Electric announced that they made plans to purchase 25,000 electric vehicles, namely the Chevy Volt, with nearly half of them to be purchased during this calendar year. The rest will be bought as they (vehicles) are brought to the market. GE is a conglomerate of many other companies and is in the position to make these cars more mainstream. As it is now, General Motors has built 10,000 of these vehicles so far this year, but have only sold roughly 400. With General Electric stepping up to make this commitment, General Motors, feels it will give them the boost they (GM) need.

This news comes out only one day after the City of New York has decided to add seventy electric cars to the NYPD. Mayor Mike Bloomberg made the announcement by saying the Big Apple will lead by example, hoping to entice other urban cities to follow suit.

What I find disturbing about these two press releases is that the two entities that are buying electric vehicles, one is intertwined with the current administration and the other is a government entity. To add to the fact that the manufacturer of the Chevy Volt is the General (Government) Motors a company that took a major bailout of tax payer’s money to keep themselves from going bankrupt. There is a major conflict of interest here in these deals.

As it is General Electric’s Chief Executive Officer is Jeffrey Immelt, The man whom president Obama hand picked to be on the energy commission. This is also the one company that had a ZERO tax liability in 2010. Is it me or does anyone else see a problem with all of this? Immelt is quoted “Wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles will also drive clean energy innovation, strengthen energy security and deliver economic value.” It’s all amazing how this is exactly what the Obama Administration has been pushing since he starting running for president. Too bad green energy is still in it’s infancy and the government has no business footing the bill at this point. The government is not is the business business and should step back and allow the free market to work through the kinks of the industry to really see if it’s profitable and worth the risk.

At this point with regards to electric vehicles, it’s too soon for local governments to invest tax payer money into it before the industry improves the efficiency of its product. Currently these vehicles will only go as far as forty miles on a single charge and then has to be charged for hours before being able to do it again. How is that going to be efficient for the different departments of the city of New York to do it’s job, especially the NYPD? Let’s not even get into the price tag for one of these vehicles. They are nearly double the price of a standard gas powered car that the police are using now. It will take years, if not decades to seen the benefits of these vehicles. Once these vehicles have been improved to go much further than they do now, then I say yes, let’s do it.

After writing this article, news came out about the electric car company Green Vehicles closing it’s manufacturing plant after the city of Salinas invested $500,000 into the company with the hopes of creating 70 new jobs and bring in $700,000 annually in taxes.

Communism In American Government

Posted by Billy On July - 17 - 2011

When I was growing up in New York City in the 70’s and 80’s, I would hear on the news and in school about how Communism was a form of government that restricted individuality, free speech, personal freedom and the held most of their people in poverty, except for the rulers of those countries. The people of Russia and other Communist countries during that period were running out of their countries and made their way to America. During the 1980’s, Russia’s regime had fallen thanks to the work of Ronald Reagan. The evildoers were no longer able to take care of themselves and their economy collapsed as well.

Now it seems that our own President has decided to go down the path of socialism, fascism and or Communism. The people he’s surrounding himself with is a clear indication of that. In the past, we’ve seen the truth come out on Van Jones, the man that Obama hand picked himself to be the Green Job Czar (do you notice that they’re using communist noble titles for these positions). It was learned that Mr. Jones is a communist supporter as well as (what appears to me) a racist. Even though the main stream media stayed away from the stories that were coming out on the internet and reported on FOX, Van Jones resigned after all the controversy was released. My question is, who is Obama going to throw into the position next?

How many more of these unelected, non-approved people in our Republic government feel the same as Van Jones? There are over fourty czars in the current Administration and its not over yet. Most of these positions (if not all), have responsibilities that someone within the government was already accountable for. So why did President Obama need to create these positions? Maybe these were just a few of the 2.5 million jobs he was going to generate. Of course none of these jobs create a product or a service that wasn’t already being done by someone else.

We need to be aware that if we don’t watch what the government is doing, we won’t have the freedom to ever watch them again. The government has always grown in size and hasn’t reduced it’s size since the Reagan Administration.

Obama Press Conference

Posted by Billy On July - 11 - 2011

Today Obama had his fifteenth press conference since he took office thirty months ago. This time he was discussing the debt ceiling and how the politicians can not come to an agreement. If you tuned in to hear anything of substance, then you pretty much wasted your time.

Once again President Obama wanted to play the blame game as well as campaign for his next election. He spoke for roughly 20 minutes on how the debt ceiling needed to be raised and the hurdles which laid in the way from the Republicans. Several times he stated that if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised, America would default on it’s obligations to pay it’s debt. That is partially correct, but not entirely. Never during his speech did he mention cutting spending unless you count the times how the only spending cuts that would be affected are the ones tied to seniors, children and the “less” fortunate.

The biggest game politicians play is striking fear into the American voter. To do that, they need to inform people that the spending cuts that that are available to do are the ones that will affect these three categories of people. Don’t get me wrong, I do care and I feel those people shouldn’t be sacrificed to rein in the spending spree that politicians have been on for the last 20 years.

After Obama finished speaking, he allowed a few questions from the press. During the nearly thirty minutes of questions, only six questions were asked. Why? Because Obama once again went into campaign mode, blaming the “other”side of not doing what needed to be done. Each question was about 20-30 seconds long, but his average answer was seven minutes. One question that was asked, “What contingency plans do you have Mr President if an agreement can not be reached before the deadline.” His answer was short… “We will meet the deadline of August 2nd.”
Another question was asked in regards to a bill towards the minorities in this county finding employment. This time his answer was not short, but very lengthy. He stated off by saying, “I’m not going to talk about the bill.” Then continued with a very long winded answer which was more towards a campaign bullet point than anything a president would say during a press conference. Another big problem we’re having in this country is the lack of a backbone from the main stream media. the other questions that were asked were “easy”, “softball” questions at best. None of the reporters have the “guts” to ask serious straight forward questions to the president. Add to the fact that when the president goes off on a tangent that has nothing to do with the question, the reporters should remind Obama what the question was and ask him to answer it this time around. The president works for us. it’s only right that he answer questions the public want to know.

One comment Obama made really disturbed me. He said, “America’s democracy will only work if people listen to other people.” America was not built on democracy, it was designed to be a republic and nothing more. I spoke about it in a recent post about the difference between Democracy vs Republic governments. I feel president Obama has no intentions of keeping this country free and set by the “rule of the land”.

The only way to save this country by it’s own financial failures is by cutting spending of many programs that are not needed or required to run the federal government. Both the Republican and the Democrat politicians need to look at their district and cut programs without worrying about how it will affect their next election results. We as Americans need to keep a careful eye out on all of them before the next election and clean house no matter what political party they are affiliated with.

5 Blogs/Websites For Political Awareness

Posted by Billy On June - 21 - 2011

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I avoid the main stream media to get my political information. The reason is simple, media outlets like CNN, FOX, MSNBC and all the local channels are told by the government what they can or can not air on their shows. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not being told straight to their faces, it’s being implied. So with that being known, how can anyone trust the information that they offer to us each and every day?

Here is a list of 5 blogs or websites that I refer to to get the information I need to stay aware of Washington’s actions.

1. The Neal Boortz Show
I’m a Libertarian so how could I not have Neal Boortz on the list? His syndicated show is heard on over 200 stations nationwide. Neal tells it like it is. He never tries to “sugar coat” the news to help or hurt any political party (including the Libertarian party).

2. The Jerry Doyle Show
Jerry Doyle, an actor turned politician turned radio host. I’ve been listening to him for years and love the way he tells a story. He has no problem pointing out mistakes of any politician. His guest are outstanding with great information you won’t hear on any other radio or TV station.

3). Memeorandum
Memeorandum is a political website directory. The site pulls articles from all over the internet that deal with politics. It doesn’t matter on which side of the aisle the news is from, it’s just the news that being released currently from other reputative websites and blogs.

4). No Quarter
No quarter is a left-leaning blog operated by Larry Johnson. His information is good, his writing style a well done and why not throw a democrat into the list? If you really want to stay informed, you have to listen to both sides and the cream in the middle.

5). The People’s Cube
If you’re going to stay on top of all the political news, you need to have a release value or you’ll find yourself on a roof top with a rifle. The people’s cube is a political satire website that pokes fun at the most recent news going on at the time. Whoever writes for this website definitely has a slightly twisted mind, which is perfectly fine with me.

So if you’re going to avoid the main stream media like I do, you still need to stay informed of current events around Washington. Just make sure you find sites that have some authority to them. There are new websites and blogs popping up everyday and if you’re not careful you may fall for some hack site spreading lies and untruths.
Out of these sites that I’ve listed here, none of them are listed with Google with anything lower than a page rank of “5”. Pages are ranked by Google on a scale of one to ten. Most pages I look at that are posted on Facebook are either not ranked at all or a page rank of “1”. I don’t take information from low-ranking (-3) sites very seriously and so should you.