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Sara Palin Announces Resignation

Posted by Billy On July - 3 - 2009

Today Governor Sara Palin (R) of Alaska has announced that she will be resigning as of July 26th. This comes as a surprise to many Americans as well as political analysts.

She has decided not to finish out her first term as Governor of the state of Alaska. In a new conference in her home town of Wasilla, she stated “We know we can effect positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale and actually make a difference for our priorities,” “I know when it’s time to pass the ball for victory.”

Palin, 45 was put in the spotlight after Senator John McCain nominated her to be his running mate. Throughout the campaign she was disrespected and insulted by the main stream media. From the way I see it, the Democratic party as well as candidate Obama felt threaten by her.

Unfortunately, this latest move might be the end to her political career. Leaving the Governor’s office after only fulfilling half of her term might make it hard for the Republican party to consider her again fro a national position. I could be wrong since politics and politicians have never thought logically.

Whatever Sara Palin and her family decide to do in the future, I want to wish her the best for them.

Palin Cleared Of Any Wrong Doing

Posted by Joanne On November - 3 - 2008

From the Anchorage Daily News:

A new report just released — hours before the polls open on Election Day — exonerates Gov. Sarah Palin in the Troopergate controversy. The state Personnel Board-sanctioned investigation is the second into whether Palin violated state ethics law in firing her public safety commissioner, and it contradicts the earlier findings by a special counsel hired by the state Legislature.

Both investigations found that Palin was within her rights to fire Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. But the new report says the Legislature’s investigator was wrong to conclude that Palin abused her power by allowing aides and her husband, Todd, to pressure Monegan and others to dismiss her ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten. Palin was accused of firing Monegan after Wooten stayed on the job.

Photos From Palin’s Florida Rally!

Posted by Joanne On November - 1 - 2008

My family & I attended a Sarah Palin rally’s today in Central Florida. There were thousands of people there to hear her speak. The crowd was upbeat, even after standing in the Florida sun for hours, and cheering her on. 🙂 I also saw quite a few “Democrats For McCain” shirts today, which was great. 🙂

An article from on today’s rally.

Here’s a video from today and then some pictures that I took.





Clinton Supports Aid Palin

Posted by Joanne On October - 30 - 2008

From The New York Times:

Gov. Sarah Palin met with a group of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s former supporters Tuesday, October 14, at a special fund-raising reception organized for them on behalf of the Republican ticket.

The reception for former Clinton supporters, which also was attended by Rick Davis, the McCain campaign manager, was spearheaded by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a former telecommunications entrepreneur and “Hillraiser” who brought in more than $100,000 for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign; Calvin Fayard, also a former Hillraiser and longtime Democratic donor from Louisiana, and Miguel Lausell, a former senior political adviser to the Clinton campaign from Puerto Rico. Other prominent former Clinton supporters in attendance included John Coale, a former Hillraiser, Washington lawyer and husband of Fox News television host Greta Van Susteren.

“These people want to give their vote of disapproval,” said Mr. Lausell. “This is a way they’re doing it.”