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The Media’s Love Affair With Obama

Posted by Joanne On September - 5 - 2008

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Obama’s Self Love

Posted by Joanne On September - 3 - 2008

Change He Can Roll Around In

Posted by Joanne On July - 29 - 2008

I just came across this cartoon of Obama and had to share it here.


Obama’s decision to become the first major party candidate to opt out of public financing for the general election opened up the Democrat to accusations of a reversal on past statements that he would take the public grant and limit spending to that amount if the Republican nominee agreed to do likewise.

And if Barockstar Obama had his way, he wouldn’t even need to come in contact with his donors because after all, he only needs their money.

When Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell suggested Obama reschedule a Philadelphia fund raiser because many donors were headed to the New Jersey shore for the weekend, Obama said, in a sign of the urgency to raise campaign cash, “We don’t need the people. We just need the checks.” I guess Obama thinks donors are just lining up to throw money at his feet without even meeting him.