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Austin Protesters Take A Page From Obama’s Playbook

Posted by Joanne On August - 3 - 2009

Remember on the campaign trial when Obama told his followers to “argue and get in their face“? Well, it seems the tables have turned…and the politicians don’t like it to much. Maybe they should be listening to the people they represent.

Some comments from various sites around the internet:

‘Doggett complains about the tactics used the protesters, but he should understand that the protesters learned those tactics from the left. It’s a beotch to have the tables turned on a democrat. If Doggett thinks their is a coordinated effort to disrupt his town hall meeting now, just wait until he runs for re-election and sees the efforts to insure he doesn’t win a return trip to Washington.”

“My, my… Doggett and the ACORN/ types are sure touchy when their very same tactics are turned around and used on them.”

“Darned constituents. Who the hell do they think they are, anyway?”

“Attended the Austin Rally, it was a raucous good time and met a lot of people who feel the way I do about Obama policies. Keep the pressure up people!”

“Once again, I challenge any and all who believe that government-run healthcare is a good idea to the following simple test:

1. Make up a question on healthcare (any question will do). It is preferable to ask a serious life-and-death question which could (or has) affected your family and/or yourself personally.

2. Dial 1-800-MEDICARE and do what you must contact a live human to get an answer. Time this process from first dialing to its conclusion (hint: make sure you have access to plenty of food and water and make sure you visit the bathroom before trying this).

3. Report your results back to this forum, and tell us again why you think government-run health care is a good idea.”

“Organized protests—with instructions?? It sounds like Acorn and Code Pink. About time some Dems got to see the shoe on the other foot. Forgive me if my sympathy is attenuated.