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2009 Green Party National Meeting

Posted by Joanne On June - 18 - 2009

Green Party to hold 2009 national meeting in Durham, North Carolina, July 23-26

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2009 Annual National Meeting in Durham, North Carolina, from Thursday, July 23 to Sunday July 26. The meeting will take place on the campus of North Carolina Central University.

State Green Party delegates, party leaders, candidates, officeholders, and others will gather in Durham for a weekend of plenary sessions covering party business, numerous workshops, social events, committee meetings, and other events. Many of the events are open to the public.

Press conferences will take place on Thursday and Friday, July 23 and 24 (schedule to be announced). Reporters and photographers are invited to the press conferences and other events.

The meeting will be hosted by the North Carolina Green Party ( Health care and the need for a Single-Payer national health plan will be among the major issue focuses of the meeting.

A web page for the 2009 national meeting ( has basic information for registration and contacts. More information, including the meeting schedule, guest speakers, and special events, will be announced soon.

The Green Party’s last national meeting was the 2008 Presidential Nominating Convention in Chicago, Illinois, at which Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente were chosen as the party’s presidential and vice-presidential nominees.


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Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,
Theresa El-Amin, North Carolina Green Party, 919-824-0659,
Hillary Kane, Green Party Annual Meeting Committee, 267-971-3559,

National meeting web page:< Media credentialing page for the meeting:

The Green Party Speaks Out

Posted by Joanne On March - 29 - 2009

Before I left the Democratic party and became a registered Libertarian, I considered joining The Green Party. I’m still on their mailing list and this was in my inbox a couple of days ago.

This week, the Obama Administration rolled out a plan to throw another trillion dollars at banks. That’s $1,000,000,000,000, going to companies largely responsible for the current recession.

Government should be holding the financial sector accountable for the damage that’s been done to the economy, for the millions of lost jobs in recent months. Government should be directly helping people at risk, many of whom made no substantial mistakes but have lost their jobs or their savings anyway. But government is prioritizing Wall Street over Main Street.

This isn’t the change that so many Americans clamored for a few short months ago. This new wrinkle to trickle-down economics isn’t going to inspire hope.

The real change is the change offered by the Green Party. The real hope is in the Green Party’s genuine vision for a sustainable future.

The Green Party needs your help to make this sustainable future a reality. Unlike the other parties, we don’t take contributions from the corporations we’re forking billions of dollars over to. In fact, we don’t take contributions from any corporations at all. So we are extremely reliant on average Americans, the very people facing uncertain futures right now.

This is why we urge those of you who are able to give to the Green Party of the United States today. We too are facing mounting bills and pressure to stay afloat through the down cycle in the economy. And we understand too that many other groups are facing similar prospects and have similar needs. We can’t say that those other groups aren’t important. But we can say why the Green Party is, and why the success of the Green Party is so critical as our nation teeters.

The Green Party is still the largest political party in the United States which is dedicated to establishing Single Payer Universal Health Coverage. As more people lose their jobs, the necessity for access to health care becomes increasingly dire, but the Obama Administration keeps signaling new handouts to insurance companies as their preferred option. Green momentum is critical to push Washington toward the solution that people actually want.

The Green Party is still demanding that we get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, slash the Pentagon’s budget, and use that money to help the American people. But the Obama Administration hedges on Iraq, and sends more combat troops to Afghanistan, while expanding the war across the Pakistani border. This is costing more American lives and billions of American dollars. Green momentum is essential to confront Obama with the reality that he’s not doing what the people want.

The Green Party takes no money from real estate companies, investment firms, or insurance companies; In fact, we don’t take any corporate money because we think corporate money in politics is wrong. If you agree, please help us today. Your donation to the Green Party will help make sure we have a strong Green party today and into the future.

The Green Party On Obama

Posted by Joanne On December - 13 - 2008

Before I switched from a Democrat to a Libertarian, I considered the Green Party. I still subscribe to their mailing list and wanted to share an email they sent me.

“Is Change On the Agenda”?

On January 20, George W. Bush’s presidency will end.  President-elect Barack Obama will take office, having been elected on a platform of “change”.  Many Americans are eagerly waiting to see what the new Obama Administration will do; but we already know from his Cabinet picks that “change” is not really on the agenda.

  • Hillary Clinton, Obama’s choice for Secretary of State, ran a hawkish campaign and will continue her husband’s aggressive pursuit of “free trade” agreements which have undermined human rights and the American economy.
  • Robert Gates, Obama’s pick for Secretary of Defense, is a carryover from the Bush Administration, and has overseen continued human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.
  • Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s new Chief of Staff, is an extreme Zionist and hawk, whose presence on Obama’s staff, combined with Clinton’s, undermines any serious potential for Middle East peace.
  • Tim Geithner, Obama’s selection for Secretary of Treasury, has been heavily involved in the ongoing bailout of financial firms, and began his career working for Henry Kissinger’s firm.

These choices for the most critical of Cabinet positions make it clear that the only “change” Americans can expect on the major issues of the day out of the Obama Administration are that different people will be in charge of selling out the poor and middle class.

And get this:  with an administration in place that is pro-war, pro-bailout, pro-nuclear power, anti-equal rights, and anti-universal health care, the so-called “opposition” party in Washington will be the Republicans.  No “opposition” party will have ever had it so good.  But, of course, we know that come January 20 there will be one real opposition party:  The Green Party.

With your support, an invigorated Green Party can reach new heights in the number of candidates we run and elect in 2009 and 2010, candidates who will be fighting the Democrats in control of Washington on issues that matter to people:

  • Bringing our troops home. The Green Party opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before they began.  Now Obama wants to move troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, without pulling the plug on either war, while simultaneously rattling the sabres at Iran and Pakistan.
  • Demanding single-payer universal health care – now. The Obama plan might well insure more Americans, but most of those benefits will go to the insurance companies, not to the people who have been economically crippled by a corrupt health care system.
  • Legalizing marriage for all people. While the Obama Administration opposed same-sex marriage, the Green Party remains in staunch support for extending equal rights to all people
  • Bailing out working Americans, not fat cat executives. As unemployment rises, the same corporations who have been responsible for costing so many Americans their jobs whine about needing more money to keep their doors open.  Greens have long opposed corporate welfare and trickle-down economics as practiced for the last 28 years, and want to see an end to free trade agreements and other mechanisms which pad executives’ pockets at the expense of working Americans.
  • Insisting on a real green energy policy. There is no place for mountain top removal or nuclear power in a serious 21st Century energy policy based on renewables and efficiency.  Greens have long understood this.  But Democrats waffle because they receive so much cash from electric utilities and other corporations.

Without serious, sustained, principled opposition from the Green Party, the Obama Administration will have a blank check to continue to push the “political center” to the extreme right, just as Bill Clinton did.  The Green Party needs your support to stand up for Americans and keep America from inching even closer to energy and economic catastrophes.