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Hillary Clinton Supporters Defend Sarah Palin

Posted by Joanne On September - 6 - 2008

Obama, The Desperate Cry Baby

Posted by Joanne On September - 3 - 2008

Good for Fox News for not bowing down to this jackass.

It seems about three months ago, Barack Obama met with Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes. Ailes says Obama “expressed concern” (which means he was whining) about the way Fox News was covering him. “I just wanted to know if I’m going to get a fair shake from Fox News Channel,” Ailes recalled him saying.

Yeah, like the “fair shake” CNN and MSNBC are giving McCain and Palin.

Ailes said he tried to clear the air with the Democratic senator by saying that his organization was determined to be fair but would not be “in the tank” for Obama’s campaign like MSNBC and CNN. . He told Barackstar Obama “”Senator, you’re the one who boycotted us. We’re not the ones who boycotted you”.

After turning down their invitations for months, Obama now plans to appear on Bill O’Reilly, the very same night that John McCain delivers his acceptance speech at the Republican convention. All that does is make Obama appear nervous and wanting to claim some of the spotlight for himself that night. I remember CNN and MSNBC being all over McCain the day before Obama’s speech at the DNC, saying that if McCain introduced his vice president pick on the same day Obama gave his speech, it would be a desperate attempt to get some coverage.
Well, well, well. McCain didn’t do that, did he?
Barackstar Obama did.

Update: From Bill O’Reilly’s website: “Self-deprecatingly calling himself “a pawn,” O’Reilly said on Wednesday night’s program that the timing of the interview was dictated by the Obama campaign.

Like I said….pathetic. ūüôā