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Media Bias Is Destroying Our Country

Posted by Billy On November - 3 - 2008

It’s become more apparent that the main stream media are not the impartial news source they’re suppose to be. Today news has come out about Obama‘s comments that he made in January of this year in regards to bankrupting the coal industry. I can pretty much guaranty that the news channels won’t even mention it never mind doing an in depth report on it.

It’s a real shame as to what our country is turning into thanks to the politicians, lobbyist as well as the gangster type business men who buy off the politicians.

Over a decade ago, laws were passed in regards to one person owning more than one radio station ans a newspaper in the same market (region). The idea was to allow different points of views as well as making sure that certain news information suppressed. You also had to be a U.S. citizen to own either one of the media outlets. Unfortunately that law was overturned a few years ago and now we have in the last two to four years have monopolies of entire markets that control the news that is released. Not only that, we now have foreigners owning not one but several newspapers.

This is what the forefathers wanted to avoid. When this type of control goes on we have to wonder how much information is not being given to us. This has nothing to do with which political party you belong to, it needs to be stopped.

These types of controls put on the American people will only get worse until we have no more freedom to give up. Freedom of the press was written by the founding fathers, but it didn’t mean to limit what news was given to the American people.

These actions are the types of actions that have happened before in world history. Look back and you will see that these actions are just the beginning of Socialism and Communism type regimes.

How long are we going to allow this. Make your vote count tomorrow. Remember to not let one political party have control of the Presidency, the Senate and Congress. That would be nothing but certain death of our freedoms.

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Clinton Supporters Voting For McCain

Posted by Joanne On November - 1 - 2008

Just Say No Deal Presents Closing Arguments in Nationwide Conference Call

Hillary Supporters, PUMAs & Fence Straddlers,
You’re Invited To Join:

Just Say No Deal’s
Closing Argument Conference Call
Sunday, November 2, 5:00 PM ET

The Just Say No Deal coalition, a group of Senator Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters, will be holding its final conference call of this election season on Sunday, November 2, 2008 from 5:00 to 6:30PM EST.

Guests include:
Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida
Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City
Larry Johnson, PhD.
Lynette Long, PhD.
Lady Lynn de Rothschild
Will Bower, National Spokesperson, PUMA & Just Say No Deal

Listen Online @ BlogTalkRadio hosted by NoQuarterUSA:
Or Dial: (218) 486-1662
Access Code: 82114#

The Just Say No Deal coalition, a group of Senator Hillary Clinton‘s most ardent supporters, is hosting its Closing Argument Nationwide Conference Call, Sunday, November 2, 5PM et. High-profile Democrats including Lady Lynn De Rothschild and Dr. Lynette Long join Moderate Republicans Charlie Crist and Rudy Guiliani in a plea to Hillary Supporters, PUMAs and Undecided Voters during this 1 hour 30 minute call, which will also be streamed live over the internet.

Since its inception on the weekend of Hillary Clinton’s suspension speech, Just Say No Deal put Country Before Party by vocalizing opposition to thuggery, sexism, voter disenfranchisement, caucus fraud and corruption within the Democratic Party, in mainstream media and in the blogosphere.

The distinguished guests will specifically make their case to former Hillary Clinton supporters, who are still on the fence, as to why they should cast their votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin on Tuesday, November 4th. The panel will cover a host of topics based on questions posed by Just Say No Deal members via email.

Thank you,

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Photos From Palin’s Florida Rally!

Posted by Joanne On November - 1 - 2008

My family & I attended a Sarah Palin rally’s today in Central Florida. There were thousands of people there to hear her speak. The crowd was upbeat, even after standing in the Florida sun for hours, and cheering her on. :) I also saw quite a few “Democrats For McCain” shirts today, which was great. :)

An article from on today’s rally.

Here’s a video from today and then some pictures that I took.





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The Detroit News Endorses McCain

Posted by Joanne On October - 30 - 2008

From The Detroit News:

During these perilous times, the nation needs an experienced, proven leader in the White House. Sen. John McCain is best equipped for the job. The Republican presidential candidate has the character, pragmatism and independence necessary to lead a united America past our poisonous partisan divisions and into a more civil and productive future.

He is both tested and tempered by his extensive political and military experience. But more than anything else, McCain stands out for being his own man, driven by principle and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

He has been among the Senate’s most independent members, repeatedly eschewing ideology to work across the aisle for bipartisan agreements. He has been willing to buck his own party, as he did in leading the push for campaign finance reform, and to rise above political gamesmanship, as he did in negotiating a compromise that broke the judicial nominee logjam. He is nearly alone in the Senate in refusing to thrust his hands into the earmark pork barrel.

And he has been right on the most pressing issues of the day, from climate change to immigration.

Had Congress listened to McCain’s warning in 2005 about the dangers of the exploding sub-prime mortgage market, the financial crisis choking the nation today might be less severe. Had the Bush administration heeded McCain’s plea for a troop surge earlier in the Iraq War, more of America’s soldiers might now be home.

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