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Democratic Black Caucus Blames The Tea Party

Posted by Billy On August - 25 - 2011

Almost three years after Barack Obama took office, unemployment is higher than it was then. Obama stated in Febuary 2009 that Congress needed to pass the stimulus to prevent the unemployment rate going above 8%. Well thirty months later, the rate is at 9.1% after coming down off the high of 10.2%. To make matters worse, the democratic black caucus has blatantly blamed the TEA Party for the cause of the situation.

Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and other members of the causus were in Miami Florida this week to rally the troops to put the blame of the economy and other issues on the TEA Party. Earlier this month Maxine Waters said publicly that the TEA Party should go straight to hell. Her comments on Tuesday included her saying, “We have to stand up and fight. It’s fight time…We’re not afraid of the tea party…In this struggle, we have to define who we are, what the president is doing and not let our voices be overshadowed by the tea party.”

Even the State Representative Frederica Wilson (Miami Gardens) has stated that the grassroot movement is “The tea party holds Congress hostage…They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president.”

Ms. Wilson is correct on half of that statement. The part where the TEA Party is trying (along with many Americans) to make sure Obama doesn’t get re-elected.

Jesse Jackson took the stage of the 10 member panel to stoke the fire of the audience. He asked the members to stand if they had a family member in jail, credit card debt as well as a home in foreclosure, a majority of the audience stood up. When asked who voted for Obama, nearly the entire room stood at that point. Mr. Jackson continued to fire up the crowd by his comments of Dr. Martin Luther King. The tea party opposing Obama, Jackson said, should be called the “Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states’ rights and slavery.” he continued, “The tea party is a new name on an old game,” he said. “Dr. King fought a ‘tea party’ in Alabama…He had no weapons, but he confronted the tea party.”

This is where I take offense. Dr King was for human rights no matter what the color of the person’s skin is. He fought against racism and inequality towards all people. Dr King didn’t fight against government destruction of the economy or even the government itself. So why would Jackson even use Dr. King is his speech? To insight emotions. The democrats (republicans too) have always used emotions to get the people engaged in taking action. Emotions are what also create the TEA Party too. People being tired of the government not caring about the American person. That is what the TEA party is about, not racism and slavery. The Democrats have been using those two words to describe the group since it first started. They also claim that the group is filled with “terrorists” and “right-wing extremists.

We will never move forward in becoming a single unit of people when influential people like Jackson, Waters and others keep separating us by race, color or sexual orientation. We have to come together as Americans, nothing more and nothing less, if we want to move forward.

America’s Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb

Posted by Billy On June - 15 - 2011

America’s economy is in dire need of an overhaul. The current situation is in a major tailspin into the abyss. The ticking time bomb of America’s economy is going to happen sooner than the American people are even aware of.

After all that Obama has done to “save the economy” from it’s recession, it hasn’t worked. Besides, why would it? Everything he has done has been the opposite of Reaganomics. The increase in the deficit is the most than any other president has done and if you were to combine the spending of all the past presidents, Obama has them beat. Programs that have been supported for by the stimulus are nothing more than wasteful spending that won’t do anything for growing jobs and bringing us out of this recession.

Of course some voters, especially liberal and progressive Democrats, think this is what needs to be done to save the country. They don’t seem to realise that more wasteful spending is not the answer!

As for ideas that will save this economy and help launch us ahead by leaps and bounds, Peter Ferrara has written a book that details the issues we are experiencing now because of the policies implemented by past and present administrations. In his book “America’s Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb”, Peter shows us ways to turn the economy around in a short period of time. He talks about how a normal recession lasts about ten months, while this current one has been going on for forty-one months and how the situation can not be changed while on this current course.

Click the link to view or purchase this eye opening book.

In this book, he outlines topics such as how the fuse was lit to start this economic mess, how Obamacare will do nothing but tax us to death, how Congress has destroyed the American dream of owning a home and discusses our current financial crisis. Mr. Ferrara doesn’t just inform us of the crisis we’re in, he also shows us how to turn it around. He talks about how social security has been a tool for politician for decades to control the masses and to assure their re-election. Peter’s ideas to reform the system are sound without leaving anyone out in the cold. Outlining personal savings accounts funded by the private sector will benefit all in the system no matter the current age. His ideas and insight to repairing this country are outstanding. I enjoyed the book and understand his ideas. I know the book will get you thinking about issues you never thought about before.

It’s a must read book for all those who are concerned with their financial future.

Obama: Welcome Back Carter

Posted by Joanne On July - 20 - 2009

The Washington Post had an interesting article yesterday. Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie wrote;

Barely six months into his presidency, Barack Obama seems to be driving south into that political speed trap known as Carter Country: a sad-sack landscape in which every major initiative meets not just with failure but with scorn from political allies and foes alike. According to a July 13 CBS News poll, the once-unassailable president’s approval rating now stands at 57 percent, down 11 points from April. Half of Americans think the recession will last an additional two years or more, 52 percent think Obama is trying to “accomplish too much,” and 57 percent think the country is on the “wrong track.”

As writers who inveighed against last year’s GOP candidate and called George W. Bush’s presidency a “disaster,” we’re equal-opportunity critics. As taxpayers with children and hence some small, almost certainly unrecoverable stake in this country’s future (not to mention that of General Motors, Chrysler and AIG), we write with skin in the game and the fear that our current leader will indeed start busting out the 1970s cardigans.

The key to understanding Obama’s predicament is to realize that while he ran convincingly as a repudiation of Bush, he is in fact doubling down on his predecessor’s big-government policies and perpetual crisis-mongering. From the indefinite detention of alleged terrorists to gays in the military to bailing out industries large and small, Obama has been little more than the keeper of the Bush flame. Indeed, it took the two of them to create the disaster that is the 2009 budget, racking up a deficit that has already crossed the historic $1 trillion mark with almost three months left in the fiscal year.

You can read the whole article by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Some of the comments are worth reading also. Of course there’s the 7th graders acorn crew with their “you lost nah nah” comments but you can skip over those. 🙂

Shocking to some to see the media doing their job for a change instead of being Obama’s bootlickers.

Beautiful piece. Bush was bad. Carter was horrible. And now we have Carter on steroids AND meth. It will take a decade to undo this mess Obama is making.

Obama is a socialist/marxist that wants to REMAKE this country; he has said so more than once. Those that surround him are of like mind. Of course, remember that the “rulers” will be miraculously insulated and immune from the chaos and misery that their policies will create. Carter was a least a decent, honest man with good intensions, but was a terrible president. I find nothing in Obama but a cold, arrogant, elitist, that has been raised and mentored to loath and despise this country.

What’s next? Cardigans? What may be next is what Presidents like Jimmah Cawter and Obama attract like offal to flies– an international crisis brought on by enemies who know how weak and ineffectual they are. It’s frustrating that in these times of real danger and challenge, we have a President who talks big, does little except spend money, and at the end of day winds up as soundbites on cable news. President Obama is the Peter Principal cubed. I hope all you rubes who voted for him are bleary-eyed and happy.