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Sand-Bagging Democrats

Posted by Billy

As you can see the Democrats don’t care about us. It’s now August 18th and I haven’t seen Nancy Pelosi anywhere in D.C.

Oil prices have come down more than $35 since Congress went on vacation (at least the democrats did). That doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay that way if we don’t start drilling here. As long as we are dependent on foreign oil, our economy will always be hindered.
Now back to the Democrats. They are the most mis-guided bunch of politicians that I’ve ever seen.
When they finally return from vacation I’m sure that they will continue with all the sand-bagging of important issues that need to be addressed.

On the day that they started vacation, I was watching CSPAN. There was Nancy Pelosi with about a dozen of other Democrats while this man who was holding his 3yr old daughter, spoke to the media about how his daughter almost died because of the inferior toys coming in from China. A bill was passed that day for stricter guidelines on imports from China. Yes, I agree on that issue and glad that those measures are in place. My point for bring this up was that those so-called caring Democrats spent over a half an hour in front of the cameras when they should have been in session.

Here’s a site that I read regularly, Family Security Matters that is so eye-opening. This post is in regards to how the Democrats are “Betting The Public Is Too Dumb To Catch On“.

It’s amazing what they think is important.

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  1. Political Humor Says:

    I agree with your post. Which is not something I will usually do! 🙂 I enjoy reading a post that will make one think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

    Posted on September 18th, 2008 at 1:30 am

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