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Recently, I received a comment from one our many readers and wanted to address a few of this person’s points. The reader Eric, had some choice words after we posted a link to vote in a political poll. The poll was from 2009, but it seems it took Eric a little longer to find it. He commented on June 29, 2011.

Eric’s first sentence in the comment went like this,

All you people do is whine and throw around unguided, random superstitions and wrong information.

All you people??? Eric, we are all Americans and people who make comments like “all you people” want to keep everyone separated. That kind of thinking has been going on too long and it needs stop so we can move forward in this county. And if you really thought all we did was whine and give wrong information you wouldn’t feel so threatened by us. You would have just blown us off as just another misguided political site.

I’d like to hear you guys provide some ideas on the economy, or maybe the least you could is provide a legitimate point.

I’m not quite sure what Eric was talking about because he posted on a poll that is not even open anymore. If “you guys” was directed at Libertarians, then Ron Paul and Alexander Snitker, among other Libertarian minded candidates, had some great ideas, but it fell on deaf ears because these men (especially Mr. Snitker) weren’t taken seriously and given a fair shake in debates. If “you guys” was directed at this site, then your comment proved that you were only here to throw around a few insults because if you would have taken time to actually read some of the posts here, I have provided my ideas and very legitimate points.

You people are delusional. Maybe you’d be happier with Bush who started two wars (that still need to be paid for, under Obama) and turned a budget surplus into a 9 trillion dollar deficit and passed no considerable legislation that did anything besides allowing the Fed. to tap your phone line and check your emails ( oh yeah and he tortured a lot of people). Ya, he’s a good guy, let’s get someone like him.

Partisan and insulting in the same first sentence. I’m not sure if you took the time to notice Eric, but we’re Libertarians. That means we think the Democrats and the Republicans screwed us. Maybe if you read through the site before commenting, you wouldn’t have come across as so misinformed. Eric had a lot to say in these few sentences, so I will address each one separately.

As for being happier having Bush as president. What are my choices? If it’s a toss up between him and Obama, Yes I would want Bush as president. Let’s be for real though, Bush also didn’t do what he needed to when it came to war. Nearly ten years later and I’m still not sure if he had a right to be in Iraq. As for Afghanistan, we should have never been in there. While we’re on the subject, at least Bush did get Congressional approval before entering into these countries. We are now in Libya thanks to Obama decision after listening to the United Nation and NATO. It’s been over 90 days and there is still no justifiable reason from Obama to be there. How come you didn’t mention that Eric?
Lets talk about Eric’s comment about the $9 trillion surplus. There has not been a surplus in the federal government since at least 1969 when the federal government has spent more each year than it had collected in taxes. The so-called surplus was a numbers game for the Democrats. It was a “projected” surplus if Congress and the next President didn’t change a thing. And we all know the neither of them know how to do that.

As for the Patriot Act (if that’s what Eric was referring to since he didn’t mention it by name), The Patriot Act is totally against the Constitution that it should have never been enacted, never mind being renewed by President Obama in 2011(again Eric fail to mention).

So for Eric’s comment of “Ya, he’s a good guy, let’s get someone like him.” NO, let’s not. This country has been taken so far of course from it’s original intent of being a republic, governed by a set of laws, it’s not funny. We need someone who isn’t entrenched in Washington and the good ‘ol boy way of doing business in the Beltway.

One thing we don’t allow here on LeftAndRightPolitics is insults and attacks towards other readers. We want to promote open conversation and dialogue between readers and our authors, but it must be done with respect and not insulting. If you read the comments in the original post, you will notice another reader mentioned using name calling. The comment with the name calling was removed and I apologize for it getting through in the first place.

In response to one of our readers –

You seriously need to CHECK YOUR FACTS. Im pretty sure it was the democrats who passed the CRA. And the Republican Party of Lincoln is not the same Republican party of today. The South was primarily democratic until Civil Rights. You guys sound poor and uneducated, maybe you should consider supporting democrats who are for making progress and taking care of people who aren’t the top 5%, as opposed to the republicans (apart from Ron Paul) who are for “less-government” (who have not allowed Obama a political inch with anything unless it’s banning abortion) and taking care of their rich friends. The president can’t just wave a wand and make all of your lives perfect. This you’d know if you actually used your brain.

Anyone who says “CHECK YOUR FACTS”, without backing up their own just wants to throw out catch phrases. Here is where I laugh at the two major political parties. Neither one of them are for the American people. The Republicans and the Democrats are in it for themselves and their contributors. That is why we need term limits for all political position. If not this will never change.

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