Left And Right Politics

…plus the cream in the center.

Since President Obama has taken on challenge of running for office, he’s been shown obvious favoritism from the main stream media. Only FOX News Channel has been negative towards Obama in any way. I will say that they(FOX) are very against the current Administration.

It now gotten to the point where the media is outright in the open with their relationship with Obama. ABC will be airing Obama’ speech titled “Prescription for America”. The purpose is for him to explain his plans for nationalized health care. While reading the Drudge Report, I found this article about how ABC won’t let a organization buy some air-time after the broadcast so they can give an alternative viewpoint. You can read it for yourself here.

I also heard today how Obama will be “making his rounds” on many different shows to get his health care message out to the people. Of course he’s being selective of who will be broadcasting it. One of the ways he’ll be doing so is by having some sort of involvement with the show “Dora the explorer”. That’s right, a cartoon. It has been stated that FOX will not be given that option and the reason is because o the fact that FOX is not a financial network. All of this is still being hashed out and I will continue to follow this atrocity.

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