Left And Right Politics

…plus the cream in the center.

……unless of course it’s comes to the fact of giving themselves raises or going on vacation.

When it comes to anything other than those two issues, Congress and the Administration can not work together. It’s been going on for over three months (actually longer, but I’m just talking the major push of it all) and still to this day the Obama Administration can’t even come up with their own plan. All they want to do is point fingers at the Republicans coming up with “insane” ideas, and not being cooperative.

It’s gotten to the point where the credit rating company, Standard & Poors is looking to downgrade the U.S. rating on the grounds that they (Federal government) are politically divided. In October, S&P said that the U.S. fiscal issues won’t affect anything in three to five years from now. Then in April, they changed their outlook to being a three to one chance that there will be debt issues within two years. Well now, S&P are looking at a 50% chance of a downgrade since Congress and Obama are too divided to really give confidence to the rating company.

Obama and the Democrats in the Senate have said that they will not pass a bill that won’t allow the federal government to raise the debt ceiling. The Republicans in the House have presented a bill, Cut, Cap and Balance, but the left doesn’t like it. Why? Because they didn’t write it. Well, not really, they feel that they will have to raise the debt ceiling again as well as they’re not too happy about cutting programs that have brought them the votes they’ve wanted in the past. They’re also thinking of the election next year.

That’s what this all comes down to when you really think about it. This whole entire debt ceiling fiasco is all political and nothing more. Why else would Obama use his empty threat last week when he said that he couldn’t guarantee if the Social security checks would go out on August 3rd if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised. I feel that was a low-class act for any president to do. When it comes to cutting programs, it’s always the Fire Department, Police Department and Medicare that are used as pawns to get voter support. The good thing is that more than ever, the American voter is engaged and knowledgeable about the federal government and what their duties are and what is going to come first in entitlement programs and other spending programs.

It time for us to realize that these clowns in Washington are not going to do the right thing ever again in their political careers, so let’s make it easier for them by voting ALL of the out of office when their time has come for re-election .

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