Left And Right Politics

…plus the cream in the center.

It’s amazing that this country’s economy is in dire straits and all the Congress can do is talk. Forty minutes ago Nancy (I’m god-like) Pelosi took the floor to speak and all she could say was to lie blame to the Bush administration and how the house has re-written the bill to look as good as it can get thanks to the Democrats.

Now one would think that after the Speaker Of The House was finished talking, they would get down and get the vote taken, but no, it’s become a freight train of politicians after another looking for face time to look good for the upcoming election.

Congress was to be adjoined this week for the members to go out and feed more bullshit to their people so they can get re-elected. What a shame that the American people have to go through this.

While this is going on Wall Street has held steady to see what the vote will be, but before it held steady it dropped over 300 points and now sits at 255 point down so far today.

I will be looking at this for the rest of the day to see what the vote will bring. First we need to wait until the members of Congress get tired.


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