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…plus the cream in the center.

America’s economy is in dire need of an overhaul. The current situation is in a major tailspin into the abyss. The ticking time bomb of America’s economy is going to happen sooner than the American people are even aware of.

After all that Obama has done to “save the economy” from it’s recession, it hasn’t worked. Besides, why would it? Everything he has done has been the opposite of Reaganomics. The increase in the deficit is the most than any other president has done and if you were to combine the spending of all the past presidents, Obama has them beat. Programs that have been supported for by the stimulus are nothing more than wasteful spending that won’t do anything for growing jobs and bringing us out of this recession.

Of course some voters, especially liberal and progressive Democrats, think this is what needs to be done to save the country. They don’t seem to realise that more wasteful spending is not the answer!

As for ideas that will save this economy and help launch us ahead by leaps and bounds, Peter Ferrara has written a book that details the issues we are experiencing now because of the policies implemented by past and present administrations. In his book “America’s Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb”, Peter shows us ways to turn the economy around in a short period of time. He talks about how a normal recession lasts about ten months, while this current one has been going on for forty-one months and how the situation can not be changed while on this current course.

Click the link to view or purchase this eye opening book.

In this book, he outlines topics such as how the fuse was lit to start this economic mess, how Obamacare will do nothing but tax us to death, how Congress has destroyed the American dream of owning a home and discusses our current financial crisis. Mr. Ferrara doesn’t just inform us of the crisis we’re in, he also shows us how to turn it around. He talks about how social security has been a tool for politician for decades to control the masses and to assure their re-election. Peter’s ideas to reform the system are sound without leaving anyone out in the cold. Outlining personal savings accounts funded by the private sector will benefit all in the system no matter the current age. His ideas and insight to repairing this country are outstanding. I enjoyed the book and understand his ideas. I know the book will get you thinking about issues you never thought about before.

It’s a must read book for all those who are concerned with their financial future.

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