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Recently the state of Alabama has passed a new law where the school system will be checking the immigration status of any new student who enrolls in their schools. Hispanic families are removing their children in fear of being caught by officials.

Hundreds of student throughout the state have either been not going to school or have told their teachers that they will be moving to avoid arrest and/or deportation. In response the teachers are instructing students not to leave and not to worry about the police. While I understand the feeling of the teachers trying to help the children, but these students shouldn’t be in the school system. This law is being put into affect because of the illegal immigration problem that is out of control. A law that should not have ever been put into affect if the federal government was doing the job they needed to years ago.

While this is an sad issue for illegal immigrants because of them having to up-root themselves from the life they made here, but quite honestly, they have no illegal right to be here in the first place.

In the meantime, president Obama‘s Administration has decided to file an appeal against the ruling. Again, Obama has decided to not uphold the U.S. Constitution. This type of move by his administration clearly shows his lack of concern for the American people that he has sworn to protect and serve. This is clearly a political move to get the votes he needs to win the election next year.
The illegal immigration issue is now becoming the biggest issue for the American people. Many states are trying to write laws to protect the citizens from the affects of illegal immigrant coming across the border in droves. They are several county sheriffs in Arizona who have filed suits against the Obama Administration in regards to the Fast and Furious campaign that went awry when officer Terry was killed by the same weapons that the Alcohol, Tabacco and Firearms (ATF) lost track of going over the Mexico border.

The iimigration laws here need to be reformed. I don’t mean to allow these people amnesty or a fast-track way to citizenship. I mean we need to secure and close our borders, both the north and south. Not because of the Hispanic population coming across, but because of the possibility of terrorist coming through as well. We have a current employment problem in America. Nearly 16% of the working population is unemployed and we have over 100,000 legal immigrants coming into America each month. We need to slow down the rate until we can get some real leaders in Washington to get this country back on track.

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2 Responses

  1. djsteff Says:

    To all that support illegal immigration,

    Let us ponder this scenareo for a moment.
    Let’s say we ratified a 51st state to our great nation, we’ll call this the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”. Now in the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”, there were five legal residents (It’s a really small state). They are, You, your wife/husband and your three beautiful young daughters ages 3, 5 and 9.
    Now imagine for a moment that one day some person snuck into the the back door of the great state of “YOUR HOUSE” without your permission and decided to rape your beautiful young daughters and your wife in front of you. Now when they finished having their way with your loved ones (the citizens of the great state of YOUR HOUSE),they demanded that you cook dinner for them and demanded all the money in your wallet and your cookie jar that you were saving for groceries, rent, medical care and your childrens education? You were then told that without your permission, they were going to be moving into the great state of YOUR HOUSE whether you liked it or not and you could do nothing about it.
    Now my first question is, would you try to intervene and try to stop your beautiful young wife and kids (the legal residents of the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”) from being raped? Or would you call out to invite 50 more non residents of the great state of “YOUR HOUSE to sneak into to the back door (without your knowledge) to gang rape and pleasure themselves with your loved ones and take from you whenever they wanted? If this were to happen to you, would you be willing to advocate more people comming into the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”? Would you be posting about the human rights of the people who violated your family in this way? Would you look kindly on those who violated your family or would you cry out against it? Would you look kindly on those that supported more people sneaking into the great state of “YOUR HOUSE” to pleasure themselves with your wife and kids and take what is yours?
    Stop and ponder that for a moment! My example is meant to be extreme to get the point across.
    Our country is being gang raped by millions of uninvited people sneaking in our back door and fools like you have the nerve to complain about us wanting to stop it!
    Dont forget this is “YOUR HOUSE” too and those persons sneaking in the back door are raping and stealing from your (legal citizen) family as well. The people speaking out against this are not the problem. The people violating OUR laws are the problem. If you support their actions you are part of the problem too!

    Posted on October 9th, 2011 at 4:59 am

  2. Jason Parker Says:

    It’s amazing how every time you think you’ve seen the worse of these immigration laws, another state trumps the last one.
    Jason Parker´s last blog post ..Newt Gingrich’s book tour….err….”campaign”…surging in polls as new GOP Flavor of the Month™

    Posted on November 14th, 2011 at 6:33 pm

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